It is commercially unisex, but it is preferred for ladies

Noticable ha-NEE-fah, Hanifa ‘s the women form of Hanif. Into the Islam, Hanif mode “renunciate” – referring to people who, inside pre-Islamic period, renounced idols and you will managed the religion from Abraham. The fresh new Turkish spelling are Hanife.


Along with spelled Hayet, Hayat hails from “hayiya,” definition “to live.” It’s felt feminine inside Arabic and you will Persian but masculine inside Urdu. A notable namesake are medical scientist and basic ladies person in the brand new Advisory Assembly of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Hayat Sindi. Into the 2018, she try rated among BBC’s Ideal 100 Female.


Obvious as the hie-FA, Hayfa and its choice Haifa is actually commonplace regarding the Arab business. Haifa is additionally the third premier town for the Jerusalem, this might be a suitable title choice in case the family members are Muslim otherwise Jewish. A gorgeous holder is actually celebrity Haifa Wehbe, nominated as one of Anyone Magazine’s stunning people in 2006.

Huda can spelled Hooda otherwise Houda. Known bearers through the Iraqi-Western President out of Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan, and you can Egyptian feminist chief and advocate to possess women’s suffrage, Huda Sha’arawi.


Noticable hoo-mie-RA, Tone to own their partner Aisha on account of her purple complexion. In the Quran, Humud’s favorite wife, honored on her intellect and humor. She has also been an advocate to own women’s knowledge which dependent the latest very first madrasa (cardio to own degree) for females inside her house. Other spelling possibilities range from the Turkish Humeyra or the Urdu Humaira.


Noticable eeb-tee-SAM, Ibtissam try a lovable selection for your own smiley daughter! It is also spelled Ibtissame, Ibtiseem, Ibtisseme otherwise Ibtisam. The name is common in North Africa, such Morocco, that have bearers including feminist and you can peoples rights activist Ibtissam Lachgar and you will singer Ibtissam Tiskat.


It is based on the underlying phrase “husn,” meaning “beauty.” Into the Islam, Ihsan try a spiritual title describing exactly how Muslims must always struggle accomplish what exactly is enjoyable so you can Allah, in both its terms and you can deeds. Ihsan is actually usually a masculine title but has been utilized since the an initial and you may middle name for women in recent times.

Pronounced ee-Kid, Iman comes from the new Arabic “amuna,” definition “is loyal.” Alternative spellings is actually Imaan, Imen, otherwise Eman. Iman is usually feminine in the Arabic however, male from inside the Persian. A beautiful bearer is actually Iman Abulmajid, an unit and you will actress that has been a great muse to find the best style artists such as Gianni Versace and you can Calvin Klein.


Inaya ‘s the feminine version of Inayat, derived from the latest Arabic “inayah,” definition “care” or “matter.” Women names stop into the -ya are trending throughout the U hi5 Gratis app.S., which have Arya, Good. Therefore, Inaya may be the next breathtaking inclusion!

Iqra is the very first word on the Quran. In modern times, it’s interpreted to help you suggest “understand,” although not, some scholars believe that it originally suggested “assemble,” produced by the root keyword “qra,” definition so you can “call-out” otherwise “ask in order to a gathering.” New Turkish spelling are Ikra.

Obvious ees-Ra, Isra is actually a mystical term produced by new Arabic “sara,” meaning “traveling in the evening.” Throughout the seventeenth section of your Quran, Al-Isra means Muhammud’s evening trip from Mecca to help you Jerusalem on a great winged steed entitled a good Buraq.

Isra Bhatty was a criminal justice attorney and you can societal intervention pro just who advocates for those who don’t possess a vocals, eg immigrants, the fresh new seriously handicapped, therefore the incarcerated.


Jamila is the women style of Jamil. Pronounced just like the ja-MEE-lah, Jamila can also be spelled Jameela, Jamillah, Gamila, otherwise Djamila during the Arabic and you will Cemile when you look at the Turkish. Jamila can be as feminine since Cecilia otherwise Amelia, that have additional exoticism because of the “j.” It had been a top step one,000 find regarding You.S. away from 1975 in order to 1995 whether or not it fell off of the charts. Possibly it’s time to own Jamila making a comeback?