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White-label apps for service providers

Our award-winning VoIP software clients are available for all popular mobile and desktop operating systems. The Rich Communication Suite (RCS) enhances VoIP services by adding a whole suite of new features going beyond voice and text communication. Users can make video calls, see other users presence information, share location, send multimedia files or take part in a group chats.

The softphones are delivered fully branded, which includes all graphics and colors of the app. We also offer more advanced customizations of the GUI according to the specifications of the provider. Below are some examples of various dialers based on our RCS core app.




Windows PC

WES’s RCS is a complete platform consisting of mobile and desktop clients along with a backend RCS server. In addition our solution includes a self-care web portal offering all RCS features directly from a browser. The portal supports WebRTC for audio and video calling.

The platform comes with our voipswitch class 5 softswitch but can also be integrated with 3rd party softswitches.

Mac & Windows PC

RCS multidevice

one account

iPhone & Android

RCS multidevice

shared phonebooks
iPad & Android tablets

RCS multidevice

call forking

Main Rich Communication Suite features

  • SIM phone number provisioning, SMS and callback verification process
  • Sign up with service ID for desktop and tablets, optional on smartphones
  • Sharing one account on multiple devices, inbound calls and IM forking
  • One user account associated with multiple public identities: nickname/alias, phone number, social network ID
  • Enhanced Address Book on device showing RCS users
  • Converged Network Address Book stored on the server and shared on all user devices
  • Presence showing availability and free text (status)
  • Social profile information with avatar and personal details
  • Multimedia files transfer (video, audio notes, pictures)
  • Geolocation sharing
  • Instant messaging (chats)
  • Deferred messages
  • Delivery and read confirmation
  • Voicemail inbox with voicemail to email delivery
  • Find friends – public directory, search by email, name, id, number etc.
  • PUSH support – calls and messages reach the user even when the app is closed
  • HD audio and video calling, WebRTC compatible
  • Peer to peer calling with fallback to media relay (ICE, TURN)
  • Group chats
  • Audio multiparty conference
  • Video multiparty conference (desktop version only)
  • Encryption for signaling and media: chats, audio and video

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